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One of the most modern and dynamic companies in Europe is the Greek company BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING S.A. which was founded in 1989. The company’s success lies in the most excellent knowledge of the lighting technology. BRIGHT has established its brand name in the market due to its avant-garde approach by implying research and by being consistent in producing, trading and implementation of lighting systems, for a period of approximately over 50 years. The company currently has more than 150 employees and six (6) product points of sale  in Greece.

BRIGHT conceptualizes and proposes ideas for the lighting needs of spaces, by making use of its luminaire lighting database and the software of the German company DIALUX. BRIGHT’s latest technology in lighting provides a professional quality of light with a range of ten categories of luminaries, shifting from small to large scale projects including lighting systems for commercial, residential, retail, office, museum, both indoor and outdoor applications.